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Mama Won’t Fly

The show will be performed at Christ United Methodist Church, 112 Hall St, Watertown, on May 16, 17, 23, and 24.

Cast list announced:

Savannah—Lisa Steffl

Norleen—Linda Ewert

Hayley—Beth Richter

Tanya—Natalie Norlin

Aunt Rema Jean—Letty Lopez

Edweena—Letty Lopez

Teeta—Letty Lopez

Denton—Jim Powell

Cousin Chicken—Steven Groth

Mitch—Jeremy Kumbier

Officer Dugger—Bill Street

Ronald—Jeremy Kumbier

Kelvin—Jeremy Kumbier

Aunt Ardale—Sue Trepte

Juliette—Sue Trepte

Kiki—Natalie Norlin

Uncle Ferd—Jim Powell

Mickey—Steven Groth

Red—Jim Powell

Spud Farley—Bill Street

Essie—Angie Stenberg

Fanny—Angie Stenberg

Sybil—Angie Stenberg

Great Aunt Pawnee—Angie Stenberg

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